Martignani can be introduced as a result of the short story of a long passion, dedicated to the development of a cutting-edge technique for a more efficient, cost-effective and more environmentally sustainable protection of plants, while respecting the health of agricultural workers and agricultural food products consumers. After more than 50 years, the Martignani mist-blowers, have been established in the best Italian fruit companies and vineries and all over the world in 70 countries, including the most important multinational corporations of the agribusiness, thanks to their particular efficacy in treatments with mixtures concentrated up to 10 times, with savings up to 90% of water, 60-70% of time-labor, 30% of chemical, without no dripping on the ground, without electrostatic charge, but up to 50% with the electrostatic turned on, also thanks to the consequent reduction of drift losses into the air.