“Quality is the result of an environment and culture built very carefully” 

Clemente is an instrumental brand in the olive oil sector. Machinery is manufactured differently because putting the focus on the small points matters to make the equipment work better for the end user. Clemente machinery is popular because they bring unique solutions to bottlenecks in existing processing lines. Clemente specialises in manufacturing machinery in this olie oil production and table olives as well. Innovation for Clemente does not mean imagination but rather understanding our customers' every needs and building the right solution.

CLEMENTE advancements have some unique features which can improve any bottlenecks you find in your production line from any manufacturer. 

Machinery range:  

Table Olive Production 

Olive Size Grading Machine (Calibratice Olive)

Olive Oil Production

Olive Oil Loading: Belt Elevators - Conveyor Belts - NastriLoading Hopper - TramoggiaConveyor Auger - Coclea

Olive Crushing Equipment: Olive Crusher - FrangitoreOlive Stoner Machine - Denocciolatore

Olive Malaxing System: Emotion Malaxing Group

Olive Stalk & Branch Removal: Tornado Stalk & Branch Removal, Condor - Stalk & Branch RemoversMirage - Stalk & Branch RemovalBranches and Leaves Shredder

Washing Units: Ocean Washing UnitsRain - Olive Washing Unit

Waste: Galaxy - Pit Separator Range, Piston Pump - Pompa A Pistoni Grande, Silos

Other Equipment: Bin Tipper - Ribalta Cassoni

The Olive Centre works with every Producer to match the right equipment for the job. Let us know more about your operation so we can assist with the equipment most suited to your needs?