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Barigelli Decanter Srl

Harness the Power of a Barigelli Decanter

For serious commercial olive oil production with capacities of 500Kg/Hr up to 9Tonne per hour.

In order to obtain the optimal processing environment, your selection of machinery is imperative!  Introducing Barigelli Decanter, Italian made olive oil production machinery with many options in fruit receival, washing, crushing, malaxing, separation, oil and waste handling available, making Barigelli suitable for a wide variety of processing styles. 

At Barigelli the focus is heavily on manufacturing for the outcome for each line being a quality build with the best materials available including duplex stainless steel used in the Decanter for added strength and durability. Barigelli lines encompass the high-performance decanter which is the beating heart of every line. Heavy duty olive oil production systems made in Italy are proven and manufactured for serious commercial production.

The high performace Barigelli decanter can be fitted with hydraulic drive for the ultimate in extraction performance.  Key benefits of Barigelli Hydraulic Transmission:

  • Provides high torque regardless of the rotation speed required (important for oil recovery)
  • Allows dynamic modulation of the decanter speed via PLC.
  • Allows for immediate and secure evacuation of product in the event power is lost. (with other systems, such an event could leave the decanter partially or totally blocked, increasing the difficulty of restart)
  • The power requirements for normal operation of the centrifuge are minimised.


  • A Customised Production Plant: Each plant is manufactured to your requirements with various options for malaxing, drive systems and waste management. 
  • Two Phase oil extraction processing machinery (three phase available upon request). 
  • Solid Construction: Barigelli prides itself on quality of materials used in manufacturing. Only heavy gauge materials are used and you will immediately notice the superior quality upon inspection of machinery. 
  • Superior Extraction Efficiency: The design and engineering of a Barigelli Decanter ensures better separation of oil, waste and water as excellent oil recovery efficiency. All versions of Barigelli Decanter are 'high performance' models. 
  • Broad Range of Capacities: Production lines from 500kgs to 10T per hour in a single decanter. 
  • State-of-the-art Technology: machines available with different levels of automation and PLC control. Optional components such as touch screens, compatibility with other brands of production line and modem support can dial to a technician in Italy. 
  • Experience: Plants installed in many olive producing countries including; Spain, Morocco, Italy, Tunisia, Syria, Greece, Portugal and Australia.


The Olive Centre works with every Producer to match the right equipment for the job. 

 Let us know more about your operation so we can assist with the equipment most suited to your needs? 

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