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The Olive Centre has Expanded Our Technical Team for Industrial Machinery Maintenance and

I am pleased to announce that Riccardo Buffatello is The Olive Centre’s new industrial machinery technician.

“I believe in doing the right maintenance and in putting in the time to achieve  best practice which is paramount to quantifying exceptional EVOO quality.  I find trouble shooting a challenge and like to resolve problems within a cost effective and minimal time framework for customers.”  Riccardo Buffatello

Riccardo Buffatello is a professionally qualified and experienced Industrial Machinery Technician & Operator for Olive Oil Production Machinery, Bottling machinery, Pruning, Spraying & other plant care maintenance equipment. He can also assist with machinery operation if you need an extra hand during harvest or at any other time of year.

In 2008, Riccardo was certified as an Industrial machinery technician and completed IIS Instituto Tecnico Professionale Leoncillo Leonardi, Italy.

He has worked for world’s best PDO EVOO producer Marfuga in Umbria, Italy who have retained this exceptional quality standard for many years. 

Riccardo worked in EVOO production, processing & maintenance of industrial machinery & bottling machinery maintenance from 2008-2017.

In 2017 Riccardo came to Australia and worked for Montoro Olives at Hillston in EVOO production & maintenance of the processing line.

Riccardo brings a wealth of professional knowledge and expertise to The Olive Centre’s Technical Team and is able to provide technical assistance, operation of machinery in an array of areas in olive production.

During his days off he enjoys fishing, gardening, tennis, soccer, sports & cooking.

If you would like to discuss your maintenance needs, please contact The Olive Centre’s Technical Team

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