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Moresil Olive Harvesters give new reach to producers in Australia & New Zealand

Moresil S.L and The Olive Centre have reached an agreement to offer a new line of mechanical harvesting machinery in Australia and New Zealand. 

Moresil S.L has manufactured agricultural machinery since 1920 and provides equipment that has been proven in the field for many years, building their worldwide reputation.  


The new range of machinery includes various sized vibrating harvesting heads with or without collecting platform umbrellas, buggies that can double as a multi-purpose vehicle, a super high-density harvester which can be pulled behind a tractor, an olive sweeping machine, a slasher, and an infield leaf remover or folding mulcher.


The adaptability and flexibility of the machinery enableS producers with small tractors down to 65hp to now fit a mechanical harvester, which was once only an option available to larger producers.


Moresil S.L, which manufactured the Colossus, has extensive experience in manufacturing industry leading olive harvesting machines.  The Super Intensive model has several advantages over self-propelled machines including :-

  • a higher speed (due to lower weight and no hopper for stocking olives in the machine) over 2 and 2,5 km/h
  • is able to work in water-logged terrain 
  •  is adapted to vibrate medium branches and upper and lower branches of the olive tree in a different way
  • wheel 4x4 and self-adapted to terrain


Moresil S.L Buggies are designed with optimal weight distribution and a low centre of gravity to work and move on sloping terrain. The buggies can be programmed for vibrational movement and control for olive groves, and almond, nut and pistachio orchards. Buggies also feature a vibration/tree counter that makes it possible to track the harvest.

The buggy cab has great visibility with optional heating, air conditioning, front camera, rear camera & GPS.

Magnum & BM-300 are agile buggies with 120HP in a 4x4 model, and can be equipped with several sizes of shaker heads.  The Magnum also extends to other grove functions as a multipurpose vehicle, with the capability to perform other tasks within the grove, including an olive sweeping machine to clean up any olives still on the ground and mulching during pruning. 

Harvesting a tree every 6-8 seconds is possible with the Magnum Buggy.

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About Moresil

Moresil S.L. is a company with over 60 years of experience in the manufacture of machines with three separate product lines:- Harvesting headers that can be adapted to cereal harvesters (maize, sunflower and poppy), Machinery for olives or fruit trees harvesting (vibrators and olives cleaners) and Grain cleaners.

Manufacturing quality and suppliers are ISO 9001 Certified.

The Company owns state-of-the-art facilities within a 21,000 m2 area, which includes a laser cutting centre, welding robots, lathes, a CNC machining centre, a continuous powder coating facility where a 3-stage corrosion protection treatment is applied, followed by paint baking in the oven to achieve a better surface finish and greater hardness.

The design is carried out with the help of 3D software, over which a finite element analysis is later carried out,  enabling the verification of its theoretical reliability.

Moresil S.L aims to satisfy producers' needs, in order to adapt to their demands at all times. This has enabled Moresil to achieve a high percentage of exports, and representation in over four continents.