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Improved Pruning efficiency with Electric Powered Secateurs

The Ultimate Pruning Companion for Horticulture

The world of pruning has changed since the innovation of 'the world's first electric pruning shear"... the ELECTROCOUP was pioneered in 1984 by INFACO in France. INFACO stands for 'IN'novation, 'FA'brication & 'CO'mmercialisation.

Since this time INFACO has released their 8th GENERATION ELECTROCOUP to the Australian market for commercial orchards and groves which forges the way for efficiency and safety like no other.

INFACO's F3015 is super fast and offers exceptional speed when pruning between cuts. The trigger is ready to take orders from the operator and when we trialed these amongst many other brands on the market this was one area where the speed had excelled in this new model. Efficiency is key to any commercial pruning operation.

The ability to vary the cutting capacity with the standard, medium and maxi head (up to 50mm cutting capacity) ensures this unit is flexible to be used across many horticultural operations. For Olive Trees we have found the best user experience is with the Medium cutting head and it offers to be not too large and is weighted quite well in the user's hand. The half aperture allows for quick pruning of small material as well, which makes the realisation in pruning speed to occur.

Today, INFACO has engineered a streamlined experience which morphs the 8th Generation, F3015, into the lightest, most compact, and powerful electric pruner ever made.

TheElectrocoup F3015's are a significant evolution and a new era in pruning capability. Beneath the covers of this cutting-edge design, major advancement in motor and circuitry functionality - powered by new-generation lithium battery technology. It is measurably faster and more powerful than any other tool currently on the market! 

Built for performance, the F3015's comes with unprecedented versatility, clean finish, and comfortable handling, giving the modern-day pruner the ultimate professional experience and speed to match.? Efficiency improvement is the real strength in the modern-day orchard!

Revolutionary Design - Meticulously Crafted and Built to Last

LIFETIME WARRANTY - Reinforced Balance and Stability?

The Inner Body of the F3015 is made up of a sturdy, singular piece of alloy (predominantly used in aeronautics) that holds together all the central components, making it the lightest design possible.?

Advanced Motor and Circuitry

New lightweight brushless motor & new circuit boards with a water-resistant coating.

New Outer Covers

Soft and comfortable NON-SLIP grip. Double sealed water resistant covers.

New LED Light System

ON - OFF indicator,?Battery life indicator, troubleshooting aids.?

ON-OFF Switch

Power switch is now on the shear which means no more control box.

The Blade Adjustment

Adjust Half Open Position?

10 pre-set half open positions.

Adjust Blade Overlap Position?

10 pre-set blade overlap positions.

Infaco Battery & Smart Charger System

Ultra Compact Lithium Battery

  • Lithium-Ion Cobalt battery weighs only 810 grams
  • Battery Autonomy: 8-10 hours with Electrocoup
  • Built-in electronic management system and cell protection (BMS)
  • Shock Proof casing

Smart Charger

The smart charger extends daily usability to ensure the battery lasts all day and charges fast.?

  • Recharges 90% of battery in 1hour.
  • Takes another 30 mins to balance charge to 100%.
  • Sleep Mode: Protects Battery during an extended storage period (also called winterisation mode).
  • The charger has two standard charge outputs (as on the F3010) specially designed for the other energy-consuming tools in the line that runs off the shear battery such as the POWERCOUP PW2 saw, chain saw, hedge-trimmer, de-suckering tool, olive harvester, etc.

Battery Jacket

The new F3015 battery can be carried 4 different ways:

  • on a jacket with straps,
  • on the belt (without the removable straps),
  • using a clip on the trouser belt,
  • directly in the pocket thanks to its small size.

Award-winning Wireless Safety System - DSES

DSES Pruning System work with your bodies conductivity.

With this new generation award-winning safety system, it is a real benefit for operators to no longer need to be hooked up with additional wires connected to the secateurs.

The system comprises of a conductive trigger (patented) that connects the user?s body to the electronic control system of the shear, thus detecting any contact between the cutting head and the operator?s skin. When this occurs, the system immediately initiates the re-opening of the blades thus avoiding any potential grievous incident.

This system can be retrofitted to any existing F3015 model or can be purchased with NEW units that come fitted from the factory.

Safety Glove DSES (option)

Extension Poles Electrocoup

The sliding trigger on the pole ensures the user is in complete control!

The F3015 Electrocoup can be used on a set of fixed or telescopic extension poles ranging between 1.2M and 3.5M. This enables the user to reach a height of up to 5M from the ground.?

There is now no need for cherry pickers or ladders to be involved in pruning to keep the operator's safety at the forefront which also enhances the safety features of the Electrocoup. Each part of the Electrocoup has been field-tested to ensure maximum usability.

More flexibility with the Interchangeable Cutting Head

The tool?s key asset is its versatility to adapt to different cutting capacities of up to 50mm in the Maxi Head.

Electrocoup is currently the?only electric shear in the world with 4 interchangeable heads with adjustable half-aperture and DSES Safety system. F3015 can be purchased in Light, Standard, Medium, or Maxi versions at a special price.


The F3015 has alot to offer and has many benefits;

  • 30% more power than F3010
  • 30% faster
  • 50% lighter
  • Ability to interchange blade size (from a secateur to a lopper cutting ability) with the optional kits.
  • International Award-Winning Wireless Safety System and the ability to upgrade to a glove system to improve conductivity.
  • Can fit to an optional extension pole if needing higher reach.
  • Battery can be used for other PW2 Infaco Tools like a Chainsaw, Reciprocating Saw, Hedge Trimmer etc.
  • The lightweight battery and faster charging.
  • The battery can be discharged in winterisation mode to keep on the shelf if not needed to be used for long durations of time. The battery needs an overnight charge when taking out of winterisation mode. After this, the battery can be rapidly charged as normal.
  • The battery can be mounted in 4 different ways depending on operator preference.
  • Any part for any unit is available with full backup support.
  • Care kit comes with every unit which includes a torque tool, spare blade, grease, sharpening stone, and full operation manual with instructions.

The F3015 Electrocoup is a very well thought out and engineered pruning tool and we would highly recommend it.

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