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The Olive Centre specialises in providing a comprehensive range of equipment and machinery tailored to meet the needs of olive growers in Australia and other prominent olive-producing nations including New Zealand. 

Serving as a convenient one-stop solution, our product lineup consists of equipment that has undergone rigorous testing and validation within the context of olive cultivation. 

Since our establishment in 2003, staff have been involved in the industry since 1997 and we've invested considerable effort in refining our product range, ensuring its suitability and effectiveness for real-world applications in groves with the latest technology and practices. 

Our commitment extends beyond equipment and machinery supply offering robust support to growers, encompassing technical guidance and a plethora of invaluable services that both growers and processors depend on. Recently. In this endeavour, we're resolute in delivering equipment and tools of commercial-grade quality for enhancing grove operation and efficiency. 

At The Olive Centre, our mission transcends mere product provision; we aim to be a steadfast partner for olive industry stakeholders, empowering them with the resources and expertise they require to thrive. 

In addition to our comprehensive offerings and commitment to support, it's important to highlight our strategic approach to logistics. The Olive Centre operates warehouses in Smithfield, Sydney, and Melbourne Airport, strategically positioned to facilitate the efficient reception of diverse shipments. 

This strategic network allows us to maintain a readily available stock, conveniently located in proximity to our valued producers. By minimising both time and cost associated with procurement, we ensure that our partners have swift access to the essential resources they require. This logistical prowess further exemplifies our dedication to enabling seamless operations and fostering a productive partnership within the olive industry.

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Look forward to helping you achieve the maximum from your grove! 

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The Olive Centre 

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