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The Olive Centre specialises in supplying Equipment & machinery for the needs of olive growers in Australia and other major Olive Producing Countries.   As the one-stop-shop, our product range comprises of equipment that is proven and tested with olives. You can be assured all the hard work has been done to determine our product range through over 18 years of testing products in grove situations. Helping you to achieve the maximum from your grove!

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Photo Credit:  INFACO

Introducing F3020 Electrocoup Pruner 36V & 48V

The F3020 Electrocoup weighs less, and is more compact offering improved efficiency & faster-cutting speed, making the new generation F3020 a total advancement in feature and functionality. The separate battery and shear design ensure the handpiece has minimal weight maximizing ergonomics, reducing fatigue, and providing a streamlined efficient day of pruning...

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Photo Credit:  Mt Camel Grove

Considerations for Mechanical Harvesting

In recent years, Olive producers have encountered recurrent obstacles caused by labor shortages.  One way to address this issue is to assess the feasibility of mechanised processes within your grove operation which may include olive oil processing, mechanised pruning & harvesting.

The logistics of implementing a new strategy does require careful consideration...

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